Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Two Hams

I have been so busy taking care of animals and getting ready for our first craft fair, which is this Saturday, that I have hardly taken any welcome home pictures of Erik!  So here is one of him shaving his head, and looking like Friar Tuck!  Both Elliot and I are really happy to have him back.  Our lives are so much more fun with him here. 

The other pictures of Elliot are him pretending he is s snowman, and he is using a piece of fettuccini as a "snow mouth."  He is really into pretending.  He likes to be a baby fish, a blue morpho butterfly, a giant rabbit, a chinchilla, a dinosaur... what else?.... so many different things.  So when he has pasta with parmesean cheese, he always pretends the cheese is snow, and the last couple times, he has done the snow mouth thing, and pretended he is a snowman.  So cute, and creative!


Erin said...

haha oh man. I'm surprised Erik let you put that picture of him on here, haha, priceless. Speaking of which, has he seen the yearbook pictures? Heeheehe.

eva said...

Yeah, he actually suggested I put that picture in there if you can believe it. He's not ashamed to let his hamminess show. And, he loved the yearbook pics. Thought they were so, so funny!

Erin said...

haha, good, an d awesome!