Sunday, February 8, 2009

All Aboard!

This morning Elliot played with his train stencils (from Auntie Erin) and some brand new markers from his Nana and Papa.  I think it was the most "into" coloring he has ever been in his life.  Normally he has a pretty short attention span for it, and ends up asking me to make things for him.  But the combination of the stencils and new markers was really exciting!  And he felt like he could actually make what he wanted to, which is always trains.  So, he took his time and made this awesome train!  I was so glad that he was into it, because I was starting to think it was past time that he got used to holding a pen the right way and getting better control over it, but he has never had the patience.... until now!  Yay!  It was his idea to tape two pieces of paper together to make a long, big train.  He was so proud of what he made, and he helped me hang it up in his room.  Quite a special event, and hopefully the first of many trains to come!


Erin said...

woot! This entire entry makes me so happY! Like, thrilled! I'm so happy for Elliot and glad he's enjoying the train stencils to maximum capacity. WoohoO! Or should I say..."woooohh woooooooooooh!"

eva said...

Yeppers. I had pretty much forgotten about the stencils. Then all of a sudden it just hit me like -- like lighting!

bj said...

awesome! Fun that he's so excited and enjoying the process; little does he know that he's learning too, heh heh heh.