Friday, June 12, 2009

A World of His Own

First of all, why is it so hard for me to just pack up my camera and mail it in?  It's one of those things that's really simple, but you just really never feel like doing it.  So I have been putting it off for like, a month, and I still have no camera.  Bah!  I've missed so many photo opportunities that now I just feel like rushing out and buying a new one.  Oh well.

So, life has been pretty nice around here lately.  Erik continues to be the funnest person I have ever known, and I am so glad that I get to share life with him.  Elliot is growing up, becoming really conversational, and still has a really great imagination.  He is still pretending to be different kinds of animals quite a lot, but now they have names.  And he's also naming his toy animals.  It all started when he got a little stretchy plastic lizard as a prize after his first trip to the dentist.  He decided to name it Lupine, like the purple flowers he learned of during the spring when they were lining the sides of the freeway.  Then last week at church a friend came over to Elliot and said, "Hi, Elliot", a seemingly appropriate greeting.  But she was sternly corrected by Elliot, who told her his name was Lupine, and that he was a cat.  He was crawling on all fours just as cats do, and got his hand stepped on my an unassuming adult trying to come in the doorway.  He screamed really loud, and yelled through the tears, "Someone stepped on the cat's hand!"  
The next day he pretended to be a fish at the pool, of course, and then later riding in the car, pretended to be a bird.  Out of curiosity, I asked him what the bird's name was.  After a long pause, he answered, "The bird's name is just.... it's just Cattyboo."  Then he had to be called Cattyboo for most of the night and the next following days.  I thought it was cute, especially the graceful flying he does with his wings, though Erik wasn't so thrilled when Elliot told us that Cattyboo is a girl bird.  Hmm....
The next animal, Erik did approve of:  A turtle named Marshall.  Now that's manly.  That's a new one as of today, but I can't wait to see what his creative little mind comes up with next. :)


Alyssa said...

Oh Eva! Elliot cracks me up. Those stories are priceless. Reminds me so much of our life with two boys! We should get them together. I'm so happy that life is good!


Hahaha... What a funny kid you have!

Erin said...

tell you what...if you get a new camera, I'll get one too! That's sort of like companies matching donations in fundraisers, right? Haha...I wanna see some pictures of your trip!!! And I know we both want working cameras (c:

shaelee said...


Man, I have been thinking of you a lot this summer and how I need to write you letters more often. So, this past week Basil decided his name is People Guy. We went around, saying everyone's name, and he was darn sure that was what his name is.

I need to take a road trip Eva dear.