Monday, January 28, 2008

Somebody Pinch Me

The last couple weeks have been really rainy, which is ususally a nightmare with a 2 year old boy couped up in the house, but this time it has been different. Elliot's new favorite things to say are, "Oh, okay", and "Oh, sorry Mommy (when he does something naughty)". It's like I'm dreaming, and it's really too good to be true. He's been in such a great mood the majority of the time, and following instruction, complementing me, and saying sorry when I remind him that he is disobeying. Of course, there are the moments when he gets into the candy stash, or my cosmetics, but at least he says he's sorry, which makes it so much easier on my part. I know it won't last... in fact it's probably the calm before the storm of some huge unexplainable tantrums or something like that, but I thought I would share my joy for now.

Meanwhile, if anyone is looking for something to do on a rainy day, I must point out a great website that my friend, Brooke, told me about. It's, and it's a huge archive of 1920-1960 story and song records which have been converted into mp3 format, and are available for free download along with their beautiful vintage cover art. It's a treasure trove of golden age stories and music. Have a beautiful rainy day.

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squachy said...

thanks for the mp3 link- I love those troubadours!