Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Not Quite All There

So, I haven't blogged in a long time (for me).  I just don't feel motivated or inspired to do much of anything besides play my guitar and hang around in my pj's.  I had a great time visiting Jennifer in Wyoming, which I will post pictures of at some point.  My ducks started laying eggs, which is really really exciting.  And they are delicious.  Roscoe got neutered.  Hopefully it will make him a bit more submissive, but that remains to be seen.  I finally unpacked my suitcase today, which I am kind of proud of since usually it takes me about a month to get around to it.

Things are going well here all around.  I just hope I can start feeling inspired to create some things with Ann for our next event, coming up on April 4th at the Apple Farm restaurant.  We haven't really made anything since Christmas, and I'm totally not in the mode.  Hopefully the creative annointing will fall, and we will be full of beautiful and genius ideas, 'cause right now I've got nothin'.   

Okay.  That's all.  More on the great Wyoming adventure later.  :)


Shannon Moore said...

Ann told me about the Apple Farm thing, and that's awesome. I really hope you do well.

Erin said...

blog it up, sis! I miss your bloggins. (Can you tell I'm reading LOTR?!)

eva said...