Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just to Summarize....

So, here's a little blog to catch you up on all our recent activity.  I think I am ready to start blogging.  I'm just waiting for some deep thoughts to come my way.  Who knows how long that could take, so I better just dive in.  
Here's Elliot at his first day of soccer.  He loves it once he gets playing, but he tends to space out and end up running around by himself in little circles out in the field.  It's pretty entertaining, though.
Yes, the ducks are laying up a storm!  The eggs are wonderful, and this is the first of many quiches made with them.  I ended up bringing it to Ann's house and getting everyone to love it before they knew it was duck eggs!  ;)
I thought this picture was too sweet to leave out.  It's Elliot "ferlaxing" in Grampa Timo's hammock.
Here's Erin relaxing with Roscoe the snuggle dog on one of his last days with us.  It was harder than I thought to leave him.  I guess I was a little more attached than I realized, what with having him since he was so little.  But our house is a much more peaceful place now, and I think he is probably having a wonderful life with three wild little boys.
I tagged along with Erin and Mike and went to see Bonnie "Prince" Billy in Los Osos one night.  It was a great show, and really fun to be in "the scene" for the first time in a long time.  I felt really old compared to everyone else there, but it was a wonderful night, and music was super cool.
Here's some duck eggs.  They are not dyed, these are the colors they are naturally.  Off white, light green, and occasionally brown.  Aren't they pretty?
I decided to include a duck picture for easter.  Here they are poking around a big pile of sage trimmings.  They are always so curious!  I think the sage made them a little wild because after this, Miss Bennet (the fawn and white one here) kept trying to jump up on  my lap!
Easter!  Elliot was delighted with what the bunny brought.
The bunny came to grandma and grandpa's house, too!  There were eggs everywhere hidden and filled by cousin Grace, who played with Elliot all day long!  It was so fun to watch them together!  We also got to see Erik's Aunt Arteenia, and cousins Leanne and Debbie for the first time since Elliot was born.  It was great to visit, and Elliot was showered with attention and love all day long.
And, birthday!  The very next day was Elliot's 4th, and we had all our family, plus the Moores (they're pretty much family) over to celebrate.  It was a great, and wild time.  In this picture Elliot's biting the alligator daddy sent him in the mail from Hawaii, where he has his days off from the ship.
Here's the birthday boy at the end of the night.  He was pretty darned tired.  There was one point while opening gifts that he pretty much started zoning out and doing a blank stare, and not responding when anyone talked to him.  I think all the candy and excitement took it's toll, and today he's feeling sick.  But what a happy happy birthday!

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Erin said...

yay! I'm so happy to see your blog in back in action. I dearly love your blog. This entry included. It's hard to tell in the picture with chewy in it if he was closing his eyes because of the flash or if he was totally ferlaxed and happy. I think maybe the happy!