Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So, I think my camera is broken.  It wont turn on, and I did drop it the last time I was uploading pictures.  Now it has a crack on the back screen, but it was supposed to be "Eva-proof"!  Erik got it for me last Christmas because it's waterproof and shockproof.  It's supposed to be able to be dropped from 6 feet onto concrete and be fine, but it looks as if a fall of 18 inches or so onto a chair was too much for it.  I bet I can get a new one under warranty.  Until then, maybe you will be blessed with some deep thoughts... we'll see.

As for life, it's going well.  It's been super hot, and Elliot has been in one of his test-the-boundaries phases, and we both have colds, so that's an adventure in itself.  Other than that, it's been a lovely time of hanging around the house, gardening, and trips to the beach.  We went to Pismo today, and it was super fun watching Elliot run around and play in the little waves.  There were a lot of people there, escaping the heat.  There were also tons of ladybugs there.  Flying, crawling, dead on the ground.  It was kind of freaky.  After playing in the sand for a while, we walked out on the pier, and ended up seeing a bunch of dolphins swimming by.  They were so close to the end of the pier, we could totally see their faces!  And, they had a little white baby dolphin with them.  So special!  Then we turned around and saw a huge brown pelican right in front of us, hanging out with a bunch of fishermen on the pier!  I tried to get Elliot to stand by him so I could take a picture, but he was too scared.  Probably wise of him.  The fishermen said he hung out there all the time, and they even had a name for him, and knew how to get him to do "tricks".  Pretty cool day!  Hopefully there will be many more like it this summer.  I bought myself a backpack chair in anticipation of making it a beach-filled summer.  And I know Erik wants to surf a ton on his new board, so hopefully we will get to go together several times a week.  I love the beach.  It's such a peaceful place, no matter what you do there.  Whether you walk, splash, or even just sit in the car and watch the waves, there's nothing like it.  And every time I go, I ask myself, "Why don't I do this like, every day?"  Obviously I can't go every day, but I'm gonna go more.  That's a promise!  Anybody want to come along?

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Erin said...

shoot, I hope you can get a new cam soon, hopefully a replacement. Have you ever thought of doing a blog for Chewie, from Chewie's perspective? I think that'd be just about the best thing ever. I miss him...and all yalls at camp Nappier. XOXO