Thursday, April 24, 2008

Garden of Paradise II

These are the before and after pictures for day one on the "Garden of Paradise" project, our latest phase of the backyard makeover. This garden is going to be done according to Erik's vision. He's really looking forward to making it into a relaxing place. We are going to make a paved walkway, with a mini-patio just big enough for a little cafe table and two chairs. Then we will make a little doorstep under our bedroom window, and have our window converted into either french doors or a sliding glass door so that it opens onto the little garden and we can have our morning coffee out there. We are also planning on making a little mini-pergola to support a wisteria along the back fence here, and putting a rose arbor at the entrance by the picket fence. For our plant selection, we are going to go with a theme of relaxed colors (silvery gray-green foliage, and lots of purple, blue, and white flowers), mixed with aromatic plants like lavender, fragrant moonflower, rosemary and thyme, etc. This garden is basically going to be a little retreat for the grown-ups. Our own little garden of paradise. I'll keep you posted on it's progress!

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Moore Fam said...

so exciting, guys!