Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sandcastle Days

Summer is officially here! We had a great visit from Jennifer, in which summer was commenced with lots of fun outings and good times. We went to the beach three times (and made three great sandcastles), all went in the kiddie pool in the back yard because it was so stinking hot, went to the zoo, went shopping, visited with friends, and had an altogether great time. Elliot has been loving to play in the sand and use the sandcastle molds, as well as look for shells and rocks, and snuggle into his towel. He also has a great time in his pool splashing, laying down and kicking, and blowing bubbles. Then he likes to get out and lay down on his towel on the grass and have me put another towel over him so he can get "nice and warm".

These two pictures were taken on a trip to La Purisima Mission in Lompoc. We went with Ann, and about seven other moms and their kids. A surprisingly good time was had by all. The mission was beautiful and really fascinating for the adults, and the kids had a blast running around looking at the different rooms, and at all the outdoor stuff: little Native American huts that they could play in, fountains, a very entertaining turkey, horses, sheep, and a bull.
In the top picture, Emma and Elliot were looking at each other and laughing every time the turkey gobbled. Obviously in the bottom picture, Elliot is just being himself. :) Thanks for organizing that fun day, Ann and Cindy!

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