Monday, June 30, 2008


Here are some flashbacks for you. The top three pictures are from a recent father's day trek to Arroyo De La Cruz with Grandpa Timo and Auntie Erin, and Dad. Fun was had by all, and we had to break through the heavy underbrush to get to the beach, and Elliot had a great time throwing rocks in the lagoon. The bottom picture is a ritual shared between father and son. It's called "Boing, boing, boing to the tickle." In this ceremony, Elliot jumps on the bed and then falls down and gets tickled. After some tickling, he has to put one clothing item on ( or take off) and then the process is repeated for each clothing item until he is changed. Erik is way better at this game than I am, but he still asks for it all the time.


BJ said...

I love your game! Maybe we'll steal it later when Mikayla understands how to cooperate like that. :) Sometimes getting changed can be a sad event.

eva said...

Yep. Getting changed at our house can sometimes be a stressful event, too. That's why Erik doesn't mind taking the time to boing, boing, boing, to the tickle. :)