Monday, July 21, 2008

Sweet and Sour

Life is sometimes like a rhubarb pie. Sweet, sour, and tangy-delicious. To me it seems like life comes in spurts. One day you feel like everything is great, and you can't even remember the last time there was any drama. Next thing you know, you step on a nail, your husband will only be home for about two weeks of the remaining year, family gets all in a swirl, etc. The part that helps is the sweet moments that keep coming along. Predictable blessings, like Elliot coming in to snuggle with me in the morning. New roses blooming, berries, rhubarb, and squash, and peas ripening. The combination of the sweet and the sour is what gives our lives their unique flavor, and from this we gain wisdom, and learn better how to love.

Some choice quotes from "Sweet Old World" by Lucinda Williams:

The breath from your own lips, the touch of fingertips
A sweet and tender kiss
The sound of a midnight train, wearing someone's ring
Someone calling your name
Somebody so warm cradled in your arm

Millions of us in love, promises made good
Your own flesh and blood
Looking for some truth, dancing with no shoes
The beat, the rhythm, the blues

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