Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We took a little trip down to Anaheim for a church conference. They decided to make the annual Vineyard Pastor's conference open to everyone, and had kids activities and childcare, so I figured it was too great to pass up! It was a great conference, and since there were sections of the day that didn't have kid's activites, I was lucky enough to get in some time with my good friend, Brooke, and her daughter Mikayla (just turned 1!). They drove up from San Clemente two of the days we were there and we had fun with the kids together. These pictures are of the day we went to Irvine Park. It was great because they had a zoo, a train, and pony rides! We did it all, of course.

The pony rides were really exciting, because Elliot chose to ride the "trot pony" rather than the little ponies where they just walk in a circle. So he rode on a pretty big pony/horse and the girl rode on another horse in front of him. His pony followed the other one. At first I thought he was going to cry because they were trotting, and he was really flopping around quite a bit, but when they came around the track, he had a huge smile on his face! I was proud. The next picture is of him telling how he rode on the big pony.

Then there was the train. Elliot loved it, but Mikayla was scared by the loud narration of the conductor, so she kept trying to get away from the speaker by coming back with me. It didn't really help, and she cried most of the way. Poor thing.

It was a really fun trip. Good conference, and good to see friends! Elliot overall did really well with the travelling and had a great time with the kids activities. He never wanted to leave. Although the week was a success, it always feels great to be.... Home Sweet Home. :)

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