Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Just Reviewing

These two boys just happened to both be taking swimming lessons last week, so when they got together, they had a great time in the pool and on the slip and slide in the back yard, as well as in the bath! Elliot's second week of swimming lessons was much more productive than the first week. Although he made it through week one of Skippers with no mom in the pool, he didn't like it much, and didn't learn to do much except be in the pool without crying. So for the second week, I decided to join him in the pool with the parent child class, which I found much more appropriate for him. The other kids were closer in age and abilities, and he was able to branch our much more having me there with him. Though it was still quite a process, he was able to blow bubbles in the water, learn to kick, learn to jump in, and finally on the last day, he figured out how to hold his breath. Before that, he was so stressed, he would always gasp under water and breath in water. But he had been practicing out of the water all morning, and he finally was able to do it. His favorite part of the week was getting in the spa after swimming lessons. He never wanted to get out of that one! But his friend, Gideon, has a much more adventurous personality, and Elliot was inspired by him. They ended up doing back floats in the bathtub. Sounds like no big deal, but this is something Elliot had NEVER done in swimming lessons, and had NEVER done in the bath. Normally he hates even getting his hair wet. It was so great to see him being motivated by his friend, and he was so proud of himself that he did it for about 2 hours till the water got cold. And, he has done it every bath since!

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