Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Long Winter's Nap

That's what I feel like I'm ready for now that all the crafting flurry has slowed down.  But what it's time to do instead is shop till I drop, since up until this week I had basically not purchased any gifts.  This isn't like me.  The last few years I have had everything done by the time December came, but now I have to deal with the bustle.  Oh well.  It makes it all seem okay when you can come home and put on Christmas music, turn on the lights on the tree and light a fire in the fireplace.  Since you haven't heard about what's going on with the family for a little while, I will fill you in.  

Here is our son sitting on Santa's lap for the first time! I said to him, "You might want to tell Santa what you want him to bring you for Christmas." His response... holding up a crooked finger, making himself shake, and telling Mrs. Claus, "I'm turning into a giant bunny!" That's why she's laughing in the picture. Elliot is really cute... he just got a much needed haircut, and I decided to go on the short side so I wouldn't have to cut it again for a while.  It's sort of a modern rockstar look, which looks especially cool with food or paint rubbed into it, which is his favorite new thing to do.  I guess I should be quicker with the napkins, because if he doesn't have one, he just uses the hair.  Ironically, if you try to get something out of his hair, he gets mad at you for "messing it up". Here he is with the "red caboose" he made just for me. He made it all by himself balancing on those wheels!  

He likes to be my big helper now.  We made Funfetti Holiday cupcakes the other night for no particular reason, and he loved mixing and being a chef.  He's also been helping me put the clothes in the dryer, clearing his dishes, and holding the ribbon with his finger when we wrap presents.  Now we just need to work on picking up toys!

He's still into pretending, making fart noises, taking long baths (multiple times a day if we allow it), and building things.  One of the cute things he says now is, "Mom, sometimes boys like to --------------", fill in the blank.  Usually it's something he wants at that moment, like, "Sometimes boys just like to have a candy with their cheerlios."  He makes us laugh every day, and we are really looking forward to sharing Christmas with him together again this year.  And last but not least... well, kind of least, but you know what I mean:  Christmas dogs, and Christmas ducks!


Shannon Moore said...

Oh man Eva you little Elliot is so adorable. I remember holding him when he was only a few months old and seeing his big beautiful eyes. He has turned into an amazing young boy. And I love your Christmas dogs and ducks! I hope this new year is extra special for you and your family. Tell Erik Hi for Jesse and I.

Erin said...

Oh man! Classic entry. I just love reading your blog, big sis! And I love the photos in this one. xoxo (c: