Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ode to January

I remember when I was little, I had a mental calendar of the seasons, and my own ideas about when each of the four began. In my mind, it mostly centered around school and holidays, or that's what I always thought.... Summer began in June when school let out, Fall began the first day of school, which was always in September, Winter began the first day of December because that was the month of Christmas, and Spring began some time in January after school had started up again. This idea kind of stuck with me, and now I think rather than just a child's idea, it's really more of a California idea. I am so incredibly grateful that while other people across the country are still in a winter wonderland scene, spring is getting a foothold here.
Although in some ways it's not good (plants are waking up that might have benefitted from a bit more winter hibernation), it has been wonderful to be outside enjoying the sun and 70-80 degree weather the past week or so.

Elliot had been jumping in bed with me in the mornings to "get warm" with me.  He's so cute, and it's fun that he has been more snuggly lately.  He likes to get right next to me and throw his leg over me.  He usually starts out facing me, and then tells me my breath is stinky and turns around.  But me makes up for it by telling me "You're a really cute girl, mom."  And, "I'm so proud of you, mom."  He is so sweet!

We went to Guadalupe last week, and it was so beautiful.  I loved that even though it was a perfect day, there was hardly anyone there.  Elliot ran around in his own little world, and we even tried out his new shark kite right before we left, though there wasn't enough wind to keep it up for very long.

We took at walk on the beach this Sunday with Donna.  Walked all the way down the the caves at the end of Pismo.  Elliot was kind of scared that there were going to be animals in it, even though he could see the back.  He wanted to go in anyway, though.  I guess he's a thrill seeker.
This is my mid-January lunch, harvested out of my own back yard!  It's pretty cool that I can harvest lettuce, volunteer parsley, and radishes in winter.  No greenhouse needed besides the one hovering over California.  Ha, ha.  :)
Here's the little destructor.  He's not as bad as he seems, even though he eats food off the counter, drinks my coffee out of my cup, ripped up all the padding under the swing set, and has now TWICE attacked Miss Bennet, the nicest of the ducks.  She's okay, though.  Speaking of the ducks, they are getting more friendly, and now if I'm out gardening, they follow me around the yard quacking.  If I crouch down to pull weeds or prune, they come around and nibble the edges of my clothing and it tickles like crazy!  The are more tame, and if I'm sitting, they won't even run away if I try to pet them.  Yesterday I sprayed off the patio, and they thought they had a pond for a couple minutes.  Lady Tottington (the gray indian runner) kept running around in a circle and then plopping down.  She even tried to put her head under water.  Too bad it was only a puddle!  They need a pond!


Erin said...

Ah, the sweetness. I love that picture of chicken soup with rice with the cute fabric behind adorable. And I love all the other ones too! And I love you! Ah, the sweetness.

Julie said...

Love it - I used to think the year started in September, little did I know until I was probably like 14 (ok, not really) that it started in January. I love the Chicken Soup book - you reminded me that I have it and need to read it again - I'll have to bust out the musical tape that goes with it too :) So you went to Guada? You're lucky you didn't get blown over by the wind! We actually lived there for 2 years and I've been out to the beach very few times when the wind didn't literally blow my door back shut when I opened it to get out! I need to be more like you and get a garden going all year. I'm just stuck on the tomato season right now (I could LIVE off of them!)