Thursday, January 29, 2009


We took a day away yesterday, packed a picnic, and went to Nojoqui Falls.  It was beautiful, and so peaceful.  We were the only ones there, so we sang songs as we walked out to the falls to let the mountain lions know we were coming.  When we got there, the falls were barely running, but still it was a beautiful sight to look straight up at.  All the little water droplets trickling over the ferns and moss were sparkling like diamonds in the sun.  

I thought the above photo might be inspiring for a future fabric print.  I love the colors, and the shapes of the roots.
Erin took this cute shot of Elliot and I walking down the tree-arched path.
This was the most exciting part of the day!  We saw a fox!  The picture isn't great because it was taken with a zoom, and then cropped way in on iphoto, but still you can see how cute he is.  We watched him climb straight up the trunk of this 20-something foot tree.  When we got home, we looked  it up online and compared pictures, and found out that he was a Gray Fox, endangered in the U.S., and the only canine that can climb trees other than some kind of Asian Dog.  We felt to lucky to get to see him!

Oh, the glory... we stopped at the cutest little organic farm/store.  They had the most perfect looking veggies lined up on display, and an old oak wine barrel with a slot in the top for you to put your money in.  The honor system.  Sprayers would come on automatically every few minutes to keep the veggies fresh, and there was another table full of winter squash of all kinds, and a sign saying you could call the farmer if you wanted to buy some eggs.
At the end of the veggie table, they had this watering can sitting strategically positioned to catch the water drips, which ran down against this ledge (from the sprayers), and off the corner.... drip, drip, drip into the can.  So so cute.  It made me wish I had some property to spread out on.  Everything seems so much cleaner and fresher when there is wide open space.  I decided if I ever did have some property, I would have a small walled garden.  One section for vegetables, one for flowers, and plant some random fruit trees around.  Let the dogs run loose, let the land be wild.  It would be........ so nice.


Erin said...

ah, beautiful. How blessed we are to have gotten to pass such a pleasant day. *sigh*

shaelee said...

until the dog decides he loves carrots!!! aaarrgghh!

I can't keep meemer out of my garden even for a minute now