Wednesday, March 19, 2008


That stands for Big Boy Bed, and that's what Elliot got today! Bill and Mary came over for the afternoon and Bill helped me pick it up in his truck and set it up while Mary watched Elliot. It's actually a set of bunk beds, which I purchased on faith that I will have another child in the next couple of years, but for now, we only set it up as one bed. I think it would be fun to have bunk beds anyway, so that Elliot can have friends over and whatnot, and they will have a place to sleep, but due to lots of jumping experiments that have taken place recently, we decided to wait on that. :)

On a completely different note, I picked up the phone tonight and heard Erik's actual voice! It was awesome. He was calling from Singapore (cleanest city in the world, where they cane you for spitting on the street), and telling me that he will be home in about a week. That, and his sweet voice, were music to my ears. Elliot had a great conversation with him, too, where he told him about his new bed, and all about his Thomas trains, and at the end said that he loved him and missed him, and, "Okay, talk to you later, dad." So, maybe I told him what to say most of the time, but it was still really cute!

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Risa said...

Look at that big smile! He must be so excited to be an official Big Boy now.
It was great to see you last weekend my dear.