Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Festivities

Elliot went for a pony ride at Waller Park on the way over to the Saturday Easter picnic with Ann's church. At first he wasn't into riding the pony, but once he saw all the other kids riding, he wanted to. It was so funny, because all the other kids were completely silent and seriously looking, but Elliot kept yelling out, "I'm riding a big pony!", and when he would pass some of the other ponies that were just hanging out, he would say, "Hi, Pony!", as loud as he could. It was a long pony ride - at least five minutes, and he was like that the whole time. So funny! Next, there he is doing the easter egg hunt at the picnic in Waller park. I had to really encourage him to look for eggs (which were really just scattered on the grass) because he kept stopping to sit down and eat the candy that was inside the eggs. But then, "he" found the golden egg, and got a special easter basket as a prize! There he is getting into his easter basket stuff on Sunday morning. He was really excited about the candy and the Elmo train. I also got him a really cool preschool bingo game: it has a little thing that makes various sounds, and you have to match the sound to a picture on your card, and when you get three in a row you win. He can actually play it with me, which is so fun! It's the first game he's been able to play. Then there we are at Mary and Bill's house (the grandparents), with the really yummy easter cake that Mary made. It had Magnolia Bakery Vanilla Buttercream frosting - so delicious! It would have been perfect if Erik had been here, but we still had a wonderful Easter.

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