Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Egg Dying

Elliot dyed easter eggs for the first time! He was really excited about it, and luckily I caught him in a good mood right after his nap. He followed instructions really well, and put the eggs very gently into each glass, then scooped them out one at a time and said, "Oooh!" when he saw that they were being colored. Then he really wanted to eat one, so he did. And then he wanted another one, so he had one. He wanted more after that, but I thought two eggs was enough for a little tummy. We had so much fun doing this together! It makes me realize that I need to have him do creative things more often.


Risa said...

I love his smock, Ev. He looks pretty serious about his egg-dying. I remember making Christmas ornaments with my mom when I was maybe just a little bit older than Elliot. We put wax paper on the table, and then made shapes (I really remember the stars) with white glue, and sprinkled with glitter. When the glue is dry, pour the extra glitter back into the jar, peel the glue shape off of the wax paper, put a paperclip on one edge, and voila! Christmas ornament. I bet you could do it with puff paint too. Less mess, no glitter... Sounds like fun :)

BJ said...

I love this moment! Yay for junior creators!