Friday, June 15, 2007

First Rodeo

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This was a first Rodeo for both of them! We went on Friday night. After about 30 seconds of "sitting" with Elliot, which really means jumping around and grabbing him and pulling him back and holding his had while he jumps off the bleachers, I realized he was going to need a snack to keep him occupied. Kettle corn worked for a couple minutes. He didn't like the cotton candy. He liked watching the horsies, which he still refers to as "shi-shi", and the chuck wagon as it went around. He loved watching the guy parachuting down at the beginning, and continued to search the sky for more airplanes and guys the rest of the night whenever he thought of it. We all had a fun time this year at the Rodeo. Now we are looking forward to when he is old enough to sign him up for mutton bustin'! We also had a great visit with Brooke and Darin, and are so looking forward to meeting their daughter when she is born!

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