Friday, June 15, 2007

Good Cop

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Elliot hates it when I play guitar. He screams at me and hits the guitar. I basically can't play when he is awake because this happens every time. Erik, on the other hand........Elliot dances to his music and sits nicely and plays with him. They are so adorable together. It has been great to see how much Elliot has bonded to him this time that Erik has been home. Whenever he leaves to go surf, Elliot misses him and searches the house for him about every half hour. He cries when he leaves, wants him when he's sad, and for sure prefers daddy to put him to sleep and wake him up. I'm much more likely to trigger a tantrum or some angry struggling. But all this is okay with me, because I see how much fun he is having with his dad.

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