Monday, June 4, 2007

The Macaroni Express

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

First you load it up with Macaroni and Cheese and then you go make some deliveries. Some for the mouth, some for the dog, and of course a couple piles on the table and floor. That's what he must have been thinking while I was taking these pictures. He was carefully lining up the macaroni lengthwise in the bed of the truck and zooming it around the table. Occasionally he would stop, eat it's contents, and refill at the station/bowl.

It's so fun to watch him learn new and exciting and messy things each day! At least this is better than picking up dog poop or drinking out of the dog water dish. :)

Elliot has finally learned how to say "car" or "Cars", with a thick accent. He also likes to say "another one" and "the other one", as well as "oh my goodness", which sounds more like "deh-dess". Sometimes he shortens it to "Oh, dess!" He also says scone, "bone" or "mone", church, and Starbucks, "Ah-bucks", honey bee - "ah duh bee", and push. I think that's about it for words that he's learned recently. He's been doing some really funny dances with lots of arm and shoulder movements.

What an adventure....all aboard!

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squachy said...

i love the little man dance!

Basil has just started dancing in the last few weeks. When someone's playing guitar nearby or he notices the radio in the store or whatever he will hang his head, shake it and start jivin' with his hand/shoulders... its so awesome to see what intense personalities our kids can have at such young ages!