Wednesday, May 14, 2008

All About Elliot

As you can see, we are enjoying life immensely. It's great to have Erik here to share in the every-day cuteness and fun things that Elliot says. Some recent Elliot quotes are, "I love to boss! You're not the boss, mom!" "What about weeby-wobble weeby-wobble?" "All right, well, we can do that." It would probably be to lengthy to explain the context of all these, but trust me, they are very cute and funny! Elliot's favorite things right now are taking baths, swinging, running around nude, peeing standing up, singing, being tickled, making faces, dancing, jumping on his big boy bed, eating yogurt, oatmeal raisin cookies, and peanutbutter and honey sandwiches (he calls it, "honey sea-wich and pee-dee butter"), picking up spiders and mosquito hawks, dead flies, snails and any bugs he can find. He tries to get bees, too, but luckily he hasn't succeeded on that venture thus far. He also loves going on walks as long as you're okay with him stopping to pick up every bug he can find. He's into climbing and jumping on mom and dad from as high up as possible (that's loads of fun). The last picture is when Elliot took a really, really long nap. I think it was about 5 hours. I opened his door and started the laundry, put his clothes away, woke him up a couple of times, but he just kept rolling over and going back to sleep. I guess he must have needed the rest, but I figured when he did this pose, it was a golden photo opportunity.

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