Wednesday, May 21, 2008

En Guarde

Yesterday was a fun and eventful day. We made a trip to Target to return a disk swing we had gotten there (it didn't work that well for Elliot), and a trip to Target often yields many more treasures and many more dollars spent than originally expected. So, we found soft foam swords in the "dollar spot", and of course we had to buy six of them. Why wouldn't we? Erik told me that if he had the choice, he wouldn't have bought them, but once he saw them, he really didn't have a choice - he had to buy them! He and Elliot had a marvelous afternoon of duels, while I trimmed back my lavender and put it into bundles for drying. What a nice way to end the day, once again thinking on how blessed we are.

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Moore Fam said...

Target, why do you torture us with your good deals! Looks like you guys are having a blast with Erik home. Thanks for today, see you tomorrow!!