Wednesday, May 14, 2008


This was Elliot's belated birthday present from us (it took longer than expected to put it together). His swing turned out fabulous! It's really big and sturdy, with two regular swings, and a "trapeze" in the middle. Plus, we designed it so that the top beam sticks out over the grass. We are going to put a disk/rope swing there. Elliot has been obsessed with swings for a long time. In fact, it's almost not fun to take him to parks sometimes because he's on the swing wanting to be pushed the entire time, and then cries when we have to leave. So, he loves having swings of his very own. The only downside is that now he begs us to push him constantly. Oh well, it's good for us to take a break and get outside with the kid! I think he'll learn to pump with his legs pretty quickly, anyway. Fun times! Now our backyard looks like a park, and we will never have to leave!

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