Monday, September 29, 2008

Back on the Radar

Just wanted to let everyone know that if you are interested in following the AMEN blog, we have a recent post after a long time of nothing.  We should be posting more frequently now that we are going to be crafting again.  Here is a copy of the most recent post for your viewing and reading enjoyment:

“Oh my gosh! It smells like a Christmas tree!” That’s what Ann said when she opened up an old notebook, and we started to look through all the cute phrases and Christmas poems we wrote about a year ago. There were pine needles from last year’s tree accidentally stuck between the pages, the scent of which filled us with anticipation for the coming months. The months when the crafter can work feverishly, and the cold of fall, and then winter, awakens the inspiration that has been hibernating all summer. We are once again inspired, and just beginning to make a new batch of fun handmade items, which will hopefully be sold at some upcoming local Christmas craft faires. We will be peddlers, selling a wide variety of things - gift tags for example. Can you feel the cuteness? Updates will be forthcoming!

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Erin said...

aw, sweeet! Those look so so so so so so cute. (c: