Friday, September 26, 2008

One Week of Dad

As you probably know, Erik has been home this week! It has been a busy but happy week at the Nappier homestead. During his week here, Erik has built me two vegetable trellises, set up his new tool boxes in the garage (very gleefully), and collected all the papers and receipts needed for "the audit". We also are getting a home security system installed some time today, and in the midst of all that, we managed to pick out a puppy. What?! A puppy? That's right, a puppy. Updates on that matter will be forthcoming, but for now, I will share some pictures of fun family time we were so blessed with this week.

Erik surprised us and tricked us into thinking he wasn't going to be there till late that night.  So then we were out for a bike ride, and Elliot, prophet that he is, started saying, "Is daddy at our house?"  I kept telling him no, that daddy wasn't going to be there until after he was asleep in bed, but he kept insisting, "I think daddy's waiting for us at our house.  We better hurry, mom."  What do you know?  He WAS waiting for us, and greeted me with a glass of champagne to toast his return!  Then of course the next thing to do was build a giant castle with the boy.

We had a family outing day and went to Morro Bay.  After a great walk on the beach we went to a really crappy restaurant for lunch, but managed to have fun anyway.  Here you can see that Elliot and Erik were taking turns making funny faces.  Like father like son, eh?

Yesterday we got to hang out with Sean and Monique, and their little son, Sinjin.  Elliot was so thrilled to have a friend to play with, and they both had a blast riding in the wagon, playing trains, and going in the sand area.  Check out Elliot's I'm-a-great-host smile.
It was a great time just relaxing with our friends.  A week is too short, 
but it is way better than nothing at all.

The next step for Erik is a six week Refrigeration class in Piney Point Maryland.  After that, he will be home for real, and will be able to stay with us through the holidays.  Halleluia!  It will be so nice to have him back!

Meanwhile, things are going to be busy here, what with the coming of the puppy (in two more weeks), the ducks (as soon as the duck house, "Featherfield Park" is finished), planting a winter garden, and hopefully lots of crafts!  AMEN is going to be doing some Christmas craft fairs this year, and I am so, so, so excited about it!  It is going to feel so good to create again.  I kind of have that anticipatory feeling like you get when you take the first step onto an escalator or a moving sidewalk.  Like you are about to go on a little bit of a ride.  It's that first step that's the wobbliest, but after that, it's just cruising.  What will you bring me, future?  Let's see, let's see!


Moore Fam said...

Eva this is such a beautiful post. It is so full of joy and life and hope. I am so glad Erik got to be home this week- and even more that he is going to be home for Christmas! I am excited to craft again too! And Featherfield Park is so funny. Your life sounds so warm and home sweet home-ish!

amy said...

How nice Eva! We miss you guys. I totally know what restaurant you ate at. We ate there like two years ago and it was terrible. Ok, I know every restaurant along the ocean in Morro Bay looks the same from the deck, but I'm really quite sure it's the same one...soggy onion rings, ugh.

eva said...

Hi Amy! We miss you, too! Looks like you guys are doing great and having lots of fun with your amazing kids. Yeah, that place was so gross. Elliot had this burger that I actually wouldn't let him eat because it looked like it had been re-heated and then sat our for hours. Nasty!

Erin said...

I second what anne wrote, what a beautiful post! I'm amazed how Elliot anticipated Erik being there...what a cool coincidence and surprise (for you (c:). I'm soooo excited for the pup and the ducks too...Hurrah! And excited to hear more about AMEN'S christmas plans...oh la la.

Milk and Honey said...

How exciting for you Eva! Everything sounds so wonderful for you all!