Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Block Head

At first, he only wanted the blocks arranged perfectly in a cube shape with no empty spaces and everything lining up exactly.  I was glad to see him branch out today when we (mostly he) build this "giant castle/pirate ship".  He worked so carefully and creatively, and surprisingly didn't even get frustrated with the towers toppled time after time.  I put this little video on just as an experiment.  It's a real cliffhanger.  I hope you can handle it.  ;)


Moore Fam said...

Amazing! ;) It looks like he's having a great time with the blocks!

BJ said...

That is a cliffhanger! What's gunna happen????!! haha I'm glad you got some blocks! :) He's such a great age for it.

eva said...

Yes, bj, he is a perfect age for it, as I found out when we visited you a couple of weeks ago! Mikayla's blocks were the inspirations!