Monday, September 1, 2008

The End of an Era

This is the last of the summer lettuce.  This evening just as the sun was going down I did my final harvest of what I had planted in May, and then ripped out the bolting plants.  Now it's time to plant some new ones for the fall - cold resistant varieties.  Yes, fall is here.  I could tell for sure this morning when I woke up and the house was freezing.  I had to go put on my bathrobe because I was getting goose bumps!  That hasn't happened for a really long time.  

Today was an interesting day for us.  Here's what I originally had planned:  mail packages at the post office, get the car smogged, go to the library, and go to the car wash.  That would have worked out just fine any other day, but I had forgotten that today is Labor Day!  Duh!  That, and I also tried to unlock the front door with my car key clicker thingy.  Not a great day for the old brain, but it ended up being nice anyway.  Elliot and I had a date at Starbucks for lunch, and in the afternoon went to Target (of course I forgot to bring the things I was planning to return) for a meander through the aisles, and I got Elliot some wooden building blocks.  He has never had any before, strangely enough, and he played with them from the time we got home, till it was time for bed.  He's such a perfectionist, it cracks me up.  I kept trying to help, but he would say, "N-n-n-no.  That's not gonna work.  It needs to go like this."  

Also, what do you think of the new template?  I think I am going to change it back, but I need to make a custom header like someone I know.... only I don't have the energy to do all that right now.  Happy Fall everyone!

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Erin said...

I miss the old header! Can't wait to see Elliot with his blocks. (c:

PS sorry for not returning your call...will do tomorrow morn!