Sunday, October 5, 2008

Featherfield Park Preview

Here is a little glimpse of the glorious duck house, made by my genius dad.  I guess I should say, "duck cottage".  That seems more fitting, doesn't it?  Check out all the cool features!  Wheels that can go up or down, handles to wheel it with.  Awesome cedar roof, and a little back door for sneaking the eggs out of the nesting area!  Also, you can't see it, but the whole top part detaches from the floor for a thorough spray out a couple times a year.  My dad put so much work into this, and I am so touched, and grateful.  It's just so cute, I almost don't want to put the ducks in there for fear they will mess it up!


jen said...

Wow, it's really beautiful! Heck, i'd even hang out in there. :)

Erin said...


check this out...especially around 0:40 and 1:50...who's that in the red pants and black vest?

BJ said...

wow, this is so amazing! I am super impressed with your dad! Beautiful! What a wonderful gift.