Friday, October 10, 2008

Mini Holiday

Wow, it has been a busy few days!  We went to see our friends, Brooke, Darin, and Mikayla in San Clemente Monday through Wednesday.  While there, we went to the beach, San Diego Zoo, and ZooMars... also had a pool party on their deck which I don't have pictures of, but maybe those will come later.  What a sweet time with friends!  Elliot got along pretty well with Mikayla, aside from the occasional grabbing away of a toy, and scaring her with a growling voice.  We enjoyed a very hot day at the zoo, during which we saw Dominique Monaghan hanging out with Billy Boyd and his wife (I think) and kid.  So, we're pretty much famous.  Also, we accidentally stayed at the zoo way after it was closed.  We were way out in the zoo boonies by the hippos, and we started to realize that there was no one else there, but we just figured people left to pick their kids up from school or something.  Actually it was 5:25, and the zoo had closed at 5:00.  So then we basically took our time slowly making our way toward the entrance and left at about 6:15, I think.  It was great because it was finally starting to cool down, and all the animals were getting more active and waking up from their naps.  I think those are my highlights, aside from spending some great quality time with friends.  :)
Here's Elliot at the San Clemente beach right by their house.  He is pretty much in heaven with all the sand to build "nests" in, swings, and train tracks right behind him.
Elliot and Mikayla riding a tortise at the San Diego Zoo.
Aw, he loves the daddy Gorilla.
Elliot and Mikayla chatting over breakfast.
And here's Elliot holding a bunny at ZooMars, a little petting zoo with a huge pen  
of bunnies and guinea pigs, among other things.

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