Thursday, October 9, 2008

Me and the Moon

The moon followed me home from San Clemente tonight.  Though I should have been watching the road, as I drove north on the 101, I found myself stealing glimpses of the reflection of the moonlight on the beautiful pacific ocean.  It has always been one of the few sights that absolutely takes my breath away.  I have tried to take pictures of it, and paint it, but it seems impossible to capture the majesty of the glittering, glowing waters.  Tonight it struck me a little different for some reason, and I started thinking about how dark the water is, yet how brightly it can shine even though it's only dimly and intermittently reflecting the moon, which is in turn a dim reflection of the sun.  Tears made me into an even worse driver as I began to read the scene as an allegory.  I believe that we as humans are a dim reflection of the brightness and perfection of God.  Despite all the flaws and folly of humanity, he still sees traces of Himself in us, and to Him we are so very lovely... so very loved.

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Moore Fam said...

oh, Eva. So beautiful. I needed to hear that today.