Friday, October 3, 2008

The Nappier Farm

Today was a big day for animals at my house.  First thing when I woke up, there was a message on my cell phone from a friend/dog breeder telling me that my puppy is ready to be picked up!  I wasn't expecting him to be ready (8 weeks) for another week or two, but I guess we lost track of how many weeks old they were (now they're 9 weeks).  Luckily she didn't mind keeping him an extra week, because I am going on a little trip out of town for a couple days next week.  But we will be picking him up Thursday or Friday.  I think we are going to name him Porter.  He is a flashy fawn Boxer, just like Chewie.  I think Chewie will be so glad to have a little brother-dog to play with.

A little while later, my dad called and told me that the duck house he has been building me (we call it Featherfield Park) is finished!  He has been working on it non-stop for about three weeks, and it is amazing.  It looks just like a miniature house complete with hinged doors, and a peaked roof.  It has a mesh bottom, and wheels that can be lifted up or locked down so that I can put the house on the lawn (duck fertilizer, you know), and wheel it to a different spot each day!  Also, it has big handles that you lift up like a wheelbarrow to wheel it, and a little nest area in the back with a back door right by it so I can reach in in the morning and grab out the fresh eggs!  So, among some other errands, I squeezed in a trip to Farm Supply and bought some duck starter crumbles,  a waterer, and a feed container.  The ducks will be shipped on October 13th in a little cardboard box with air holes, and a heat pack to keep them warm.  I ordered them from Metzer Farms, and got all females:  a Faun and White Indian Runner, a Blue Indian Runner, and two Blue Swedish.

Erik pretty much talked me into getting the puppy, but the theory is that if the pup and the ducks grow up together, they will be used to each other, and maybe even be friends.  I guess I can't complain too much, because I really talked him into the ducks!  As soon as my vegetable garden starts cranking out the produce, it will really be like a miniature farm around here!  I just hope the animals don't decide to organize and take us hostage or anything like that.  But, I am really, really excited about all my fluffy babies.  It's going to be so fun to have little creatures prancing about the lawn!

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Erin said...

yea, I am so excited about all the farminess, as I'm sure you know! haha, i like the added touch about your hopes of the animals not taking charge and holding the nappiers hostage. teehee.