Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Make Way for Ducklings

The ducklings arrived today!  The post office called me around 2:30 and told me I could come pick them up.  Four little ladies in a box.  I don't know for sure what their names will be yet, but it will have to be something fitting with Featherfield park.  Right off the back, we could tell that the faun and white Indian Runner was way more active than the rest, kept trying to escape, and basically thought she was the boss.  Here are a few quick pictures of them.  Feel free to write in with your name suggestions (they are all girls).


Milk and Honey said...

Yay,your ducklings are here! How exciting Eva! It's too late at night for me to think of cute names, so I can't wait to here what you decide on.

Shannon Moore said...

How cute. I used to have pet ducks, they actually make nice little companions. I held them a lot as babies and they would greet anyone that came to the house so they could get pet. It was so cute!